Ghana, home to some of West Africa’s first DPGs

As a co-founder of the Digital Public Goods Alliance, UNICEF’s commitment to advancing digital public goods has been steadfast. Today, we are excited to share an update from UNICEF’s office in Ghana which, through the StartUp Lab, supports socially and sustainably-minded entrepreneurs in developing their product and business model, and in doing so demonstrating the potential that open source can have in business.

Today, we are celebrating DPGs derived from that program, and amongst some of the first DPGs from West Africa. They begin with Bisa, a mobile application focused on providing healthcare. Second is EduNOSS, a platform for pre-tertiary schools in Ghana to support STEM learning. EduNOSS has already been adopted by schools in Ghana. The third is DPG nominee Project Konko, a virtual reality lesson creator.

To read more about these exciting projects, and UNICEF’s commitment to supporting open source through innovation and entrepreneurship, visit the UNICEF Office of Innovation’s blog.