Inter-American Development Bank joins the DPGA: una oportunidad para impulsar el desarrollo

Today, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) becomes a member of the Digital Public Goods Alliance, bringing with it a deep history and commitment to open source. 

In 2017, the IDB became the first multilateral organisation to create a repository of open source tools, Code for Development (C4D), a platform that allows governments, civil society, and citizens to explore, reuse, and contribute digital tools to support programs and projects for the social and economic development of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Through their membership, IDB will continue to contribute to the DPG ecosystem, including through: 

  1. Open source tools repository: With the objective of facilitating the dissemination of open source tools together with governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, the C4D repository has more than 150 curated tools, which were developed by the IDB itself, by governments, academia, and various startups.
  2. Code4Dev Network: The network, focused on developers working in public administration, is an open and free community. Anyone interested in learning and/or implementing open source tools can exchange ideas with more than 1,500 developers, access monthly events that show and teach how to implement these tools, as well as get in touch with a team that can guide the application of open source in the public sector.
  3. Development of open source tools: Recognising code as a public good, the IDB and all its sectors have opened the code of more than 60 digital tools owned by the bank and each year dozens of new tools are added to the repository of Code for Development.
  4. Support for the implementation of open source tools: With initiatives that range from connecting with the creators of the tools, to technical and governance support for their implementation for projects financed by the IDB.

We’re thrilled to welcome the Inter-American Development Bank as the latest DPGA member! To read more about IDB’s membership visit their website