PATH welcomed as new member of the Digital Public Goods Alliance

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome PATH as a new member of the Digital Public Goods Alliance, a move which furthers PATH’s leadership and partnership in the digital health ecosystem and elevates digital public goods (DPGs) for health.

PATH has already been an active member in the DPG ecosystem. Digital Square at PATH participated in the health community of practice which focused on immunization delivery management tools, as well as co-authored a white paper with the DPGA to improve understanding of the relationship between DPGs and global goods for health.

PATH is dedicated to accelerating health equity so that all people and communities can thrive by collaborating with government ministries of health, the private sector, and donors to strengthen the use of digital technologies and data for improved health services. PATH is committed to advancing the digital health ecosystem in a way that emphasizes transparency and accountability, and to increasing the capacity of LMICs to create, adopt, and maintain DPGs for health. To that end, PATH has developed a number of resources, including Digital Square’s Global Goods Guidebook; a “Total Cost of Ownership” Tool, which is used to assess and understand the true cost for the sustainable implementation of DPGs (accessible via Digital Square’s market analytics webpage); and the “Informatics Savvy Organization” (ISO) Framework, created through PATH’s CDC-funded Technical Assistance Platform (TAP) Project to support the use and reuse of health information systems.

You can read more about the DPG-related work PATH is undertaking on their blog, or by visiting the DPGA Roadmap

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