UN Global Pulse joins the DPGA & uses DPGs to help save the lives of mothers and babies

Maintaining a depth of knowledge and insight into global challenges can be a powerful tool for creating change. While the world is generating data faster than ever before – learning to properly harness this data to address issues is a top priority for states and organisations all around the world. Through its network of labs and The Global Data Access Framework (GDAF), UN Global Pulse works to foster the responsible use of big data and artificial intelligence innovations and policies for sustainable development, humanitarian action, and peace.

We are thrilled to welcome UN Global Pulse as the newest member of the Digital Public Goods Alliance. UN Global Pulse’s lab in Finland will be coordinating with the DPGA to explore and better understand what digital public goods exist, and how they can contribute to improving maternal and newborn health. Their work also seeks to shape what a supportive ecosystem could look like that bolsters DPGs to scale up where there is critical need. This work is featured in the DPGA Roadmap, a public visualisation of the key core, coordinated and aligned activities undertaken by the DPGA and DPGA members to advance digital public goods in a specific year.

A warm welcome to UN Global Pulse! To learn more about their efforts to strengthen the DPG ecosystem for newborn and maternal health see here.