• Welcoming UNDP & BMZ to the Digital Public Goods Alliance Board

    The DPGA is pleased to announce that the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are joining the Digital Public Goods Alliance as new members, and joining an evolved DPGA board from January 2022.

  • The Digital Public Goods Alliance’s commitment to co-develop digital public infrastructure for an equitable recovery

    On August 30th, the DPGA, alongside Rockefeller and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brought together leaders from around the world to frame an ambitious, truly collaborative agenda for building digital public infrastructure. Here the DPGA shares some examples of the most relevant core, coordinated and aligned ongoing DPI-related activities driven by the DPGA Secretariat and organisations listed in the DPGA 2021 Activity Roadmap.

  • Expanding the Digital Public Goods Alliance

    Organisations all over the world are already working to support and advance digital public goods. Over the coming months the DPGA Secretariat will invite stakeholders whose activities are significantly advancing the strategic objectives outlined in the DPGA strategy to be a part of the DPGA Annual Roadmap.

  • Roadmap

    Welcome to the Digital Public Goods Alliance Roadmap, a public visualisation of the key core, coordinated and aligned activities undertaken by DPGA stakeholders to advance digital public goods in a specific year.  The Roadmap is a coordination, alignment, engagement and communication tool capturing stakeholder activities that significantly advance the four DPGA strategic objectives described in […]

  • A Virtual Safe Space for Women

    Safe YOU, Armenia’s first digital public good The Digital Public Goods Alliance is excited to welcome Safe YOU as a digital public good, now searchable on the DPG Registry. Safe YOU is an application and platform designed to help combat violence against women and girls (VAWG) by providing security functions to those seeking help during […]

  • The transformative role of academia & digital public goods

    The third blog in our DPG financing series focuses on how funding the DPG ecosystem can ultimately enable countries to drive their own digital transformation. In particular, the merits of helping finance academic hubs that can cultivate and foster country and regional expertise as well as incentivising local vendor capacity.

  • Highlighted digital public goods

    Financial Inclusion This report highlights digital solutions specifically for their relevance to facilitating inclusive financial workflows at scale and enabling other solutions as DPIs, in addition to their ability to meet the DPG Standard. Six digital public goods are being highlighted by the DPGA: Apache Fineract, Mifos, Mojaloop, MOSIP, OpenCRVS, and X-Road.  Read the full […]