• The DPG Charter: Key takeaways on deploying digital public goods as infrastructure

    This blog first appeared on the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) website and is written by: Nicholas Gates (DIAL), Chrissy Martin Meier (DPG Charter), Lucy Harris (DPGA), and Viraj Tyagi (eGov Foundation). Throughout 2022, DIAL held a series of consultations in partnership with the DPGA and other partners to inform the scope and substance of the […]

  • Digital Public Infrastructure for An Inclusive Future

    At the upcoming 77th Session of the UN General Assembly, world leaders alongside members of the private sector and civil society will convene on 21 September for a side-event titled: ‘The Future of Digital Cooperation: Building Resilience through Safe, Trusted, and Inclusive Digital Public Infrastructure’. The event will map out a bold, inclusive, and innovative […]

  • Game changer: Why we support the Digital Public Goods Charter

    Through a series of consultations, we identified a number of focus areas and potential gaps that can be addressed through collective action and improve the current, and future, state of digital public infrastructure. Read here about the five key outcomes.

  • Government of Bangladesh joins as a new DPGA member

    Today, we share more about Bangladesh’s actions related to advancing digital public goods at home and sharing best practices by building and maintaining new software DPGs, advocating for DPGs, and facilitating collaboration.

  • Heralding A New Era of Global Digital Cooperation

    On 1 June 2022, high-level representatives from governments, the philanthropic sector and international organisations came together to express their commitments to increased collaboration on digital development and digital public goods. Read more about their commitments here.

  • Global Leaders Commit to Cooperation to Advance the Use of Digital Public Goods in Support of Inclusive Development Outcomes

    Implementing safe, trusted, and inclusive digital public infrastructure supported by robust governance frameworks is critical for countries to build resilient futures. On June 1st, government leaders, international development organisations, and philanthropic funders gathered to pledge large-scale technology sharing, funding, and their commitment to support this international cooperation agenda.

  • UGHub: a case in leveraging open source to build digital public infrastructure

    Countries all over the world are already leveraging open source to build foundational DPI. This case study highlights the efforts of the Government of Uganda and specifically showcases their use of open source technology to build UGHub, a data integration platform that has facilitated the improvement of services government wide.