• UGHub: a case in leveraging open source to build digital public infrastructure

    Countries all over the world are already leveraging open source to build foundational DPI. This case study highlights the efforts of the Government of Uganda and specifically showcases their use of open source technology to build UGHub, a data integration platform that has facilitated the improvement of services government wide.

  • Case Study: Jamaica uses digital public goods in COVID-19 response

    Since 2021, Jamaica, much like the rest of the world, was in need of digital solutions that could be deployed in a short amount of time, with scalability and customisation features in order to tackle the challenges brought on by COVID-19. In partnership with UNICEF, Jamaica chose to implement two digital public goods: CommCare and DIVOC.

  • The transformative role of academia & digital public goods

    The third blog in our DPG financing series focuses on how funding the DPG ecosystem can ultimately enable countries to drive their own digital transformation. In particular, the merits of helping finance academic hubs that can cultivate and foster country and regional expertise as well as incentivising local vendor capacity.