• Digital Public Goods, International Development Organisations, and Universities: Building communities of contributors to sustain digital projects for the long-term

    Earlier this year, UNDP convened leaders of well-established DPGs, academics, and experts on open-source sustainability to discuss the role of open-source communities, universities, and the elements required for long-term DPG sustainability. This post highlights insights brought forward in the discussion as well as some key takeaways for practitioners.

  • Financing the Digital Public Goods Ecosystem

    Even digital public goods that are in wide demand, and have proven their potential to address development needs in multiple countries, struggle to attract the contributions and financial support required to maintain and evolve over time. This blog considers how to change that through coordinated, sustainable grant funding.

  • Why Open Source?

    The Digital Public Goods Alliance has spent the last several months developing the Digital Public Goods Standard, and working with stakeholders from across sectors to determine criteria that allows us to answer the question: is this a digital public good? In alignment with the UN Secretary-General’s 2020 Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, we define digital public […]